August 10, 2010

Host a hands-on rain barrel installation workshop!

Would you like to harvest the rain?

Greywater Action is looking for a few qualifying home sites on which to hold their popular “Rainwater Harvesting for Urban Gardeners” hands-on workshop. If your home qualifies, you can host a workshop and have a rainwater harvesting system built in your home or garden!

Home site requirements:

• Site must be located in San Francisco.

• Yard or garden must contain a roof downspout that has never been connected to the sewer system. (This means that water flowing through the downspout flows onto the ground.)

• Yard or garden surface is level with or slopes down from the rainwater harvesting storage area.
Hosts will need to:

• Provide lunch for workshop participants.
• Sign a liability waiver.
• Participate in a survey.
• Strap completed rainwater harvesting system to a wall or fence for seismic safety (the Department of Building Inspection requires using two 3/4-inch perforated 24-gauge steel straps). Straps will be installed during the workshop.

Hosts will be given free 45-gallon food drums (provided by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission) which will be converted into rain barrels during the workshop. Hosts will need to purchase all additional hardware required to build the system.

Note: Workshop participant fees cover teacher’s fees for the workshop. However, if participant fees fall short of covering teacher’s fees, hosts will be required to pay the difference (this occurs very rarely).

For more information or to apply to host a Greywater Action “Rainwater Harvesting for Urban Gardeners” workshop, please write to: