October 24, 2011

Don’t let good water go to waste...

... harvest rainwater!

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) has launched year four of our popular Discounted Rain Barrel and Cistern Program. Starting now, get discounts of 30-60% off 60-gallon rain barrels and up to $640 off cisterns!

You may also wish to consider utilizing graywater. Our Laundry-to-Landscape Graywater Program lets you convert your clothes washer into a garden-watering system -- for less than $15! You’ll get a Laundry-to-Landscape kit, installation training, in-home technical assistance and more!

Click here for details on both of these programs.

May 6, 2011

Join us at a public meeting for sewer improvements on Cesar Chavez

The Meeting is on Wed, 5/11 @6pm, at Leonard R. Flynn Elementary on 3125 Cesar Chavez Street (@ Harrison).

If you live or work in the area, this is a great opportunity to learn more about the sewer improvements that are about to start this summer and what will happen right after to beautify the area!

Check out the flier for more details.

Hope to see you there!

February 24, 2011

Snow in SF? Perhaps - but definitely rain!

Rain (or snow) is on its way right in time for the weekend to get cozy and stay in.

Get ready for the wet weather and remove debris away from catch basins - you will help minimize flooding in your area.

You don't want anything like this catch basin in your neighborhood - do you?

If you see clogged catch basins or to report street flooding, contact 311 or @311 in SF.

Stay dry and keep warm!

February 9, 2011

No more "FOG" in San Francisco's sewers!
That's FOG, as in "Fats, Oil and Grease"

Exciting news for San Francisco! On Tuesday, February 8, the Board of Supervisors approved the FOG Control Ordinance that will prevent restaurant grease from going into the sewers - and help prevent grease-clogged pipes, flooding, save the city a
lot of money. Each SF spends more than $3.5 million to respond to grease-clogged pipes.

Check out the coverage on KTVU TV!

Learn more about wastewater, San Francisco's sewer system and how FOG impacts our sewers by visiting sfsewers.org.

January 7, 2011

Buy an SFPUC-discounted rain barrel or cistern and get FREE delivery!

While supplies last, San Francisco residents, businesses and schools can purchase 60-gallon rain barrels and larger volume cisterns at steep discounts, compliments of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Buy your discounted rain barrels or cisterns in January and get FREE curbside delivery!

Purchase your first barrel for $85 and each additional barrel for only $45 – that’s more than 50% off the regular retail price of $105! Cistern discounts range from $160 to $640 depending upon volume.

SFPUC-discounted rain barrels and cisterns are available at:

The Urban Farmer Store
(San Francisco location only)
2833 Vicente Street, at 40th Avenue
Phone orders are welcome: 415-661-2204 (ext. 1)

Click here for more information on this discount program, or on San Francisco’s rainwater harvesting program.

January 4, 2011

Are you a beach-goer along the bayside in San Francisco?

Whatever fun stuff you do at the beaches along the bayside in S.F. - surf, kayak, fish, or just simply swim... if you can stand the water's cold temperatures or handle the currents on the Bay - take the SFPUC's survey: You will help us learn how much these places are used and in turn help us better serve you.

Take the survey and spread the word!

To learn the current status of beach water quality in San Francisco, visit http://beaches.sfwater.org or call the hotline at 1-877-SFBEACH (toll-free) or 415-242-2214.