November 18, 2009

How fun is that?

Scores of hydrologists, landscape architects, urban planners and stormwater activists converged at San Francisco State University last Friday (November 13)… to play games.

“Games?” you may ask, “When there’s so much stormwater management-related work to do in San Francisco? For shame!”

Don’t hate.

These were serious games undertaken during a five hour Urban Watershed Planning Charrette – the City’s second such event!

Charrette-goers broke into groups and poured over maps of the City’s western watersheds, placing “game pieces” on the best places to implement Low Impact Design technologies like bioretention, filtration, permeable paving, and rainwater harvesting. Wildly fun!

Top solutions from this green infrastructure “jam session” will be presented to SF communities and may be folded into San Francisco’s sewer system overhaul.

For more information on Low Impact Design (LID) technologies or previous urban watershed planning events visit: (details from Friday’s charrette will be posted online in March, 2010).

Live to play. Play to live. Excelsior!

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