July 14, 2010

Double-decker buses worth of fat!

BBC News UK: Massive fat mounds removed from London's sewers

Thames Water says it has removed enough fat to fill nine double decker buses from London's sewers.

Check out this video and see for yourself!

This problem is close to home as well - Fats, oil and grease (FOG) are a serious problem for San Francisco’s wastewater system too clogging our sewers and costing more than $3.5 million each year to unclog the pipes.

BUT WAIT! The SFPUC's SFGreasecycle program is there to help alleviate this fatty problem. Visit www.SFGreasecycle.org, and learn how we can turn FOG into biofuel. You should give it a try - whether you are with a restaurant or are a SF resident.

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