September 9, 2010

You always hear about spring cleaning - SFPUC is all about summer cleaning!

The SFPUC is hard at work cleaning and flushing the sewer lines and catch basins (storm drains) on Chestnut and Union Streets in the Marina and Cow Hollow neighborhoods. Why? Well, because for our sewer system to work properly, we need to do a “check up” and maintain them - just like we all (as in "human beings") should have an annual medical exam every year. While cleaning the sewer pipes we will also be assessing the condition of our sewers.

Check out our Sewer Operations crews at work!

These cleaning and maintenance efforts will help minimize potential flooding in the neighborhood, and the summer is ideal time as the rainy season is just around the corner.

So if you see a huge truck like the one in this picture on/around Chestnut and Union streets, you’ll know it’s because we are doing some "summer cleaning."

Ooh, remember: if you see a clogged catch basin in San Francisco, call 3-1-1 immediately.

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