September 15, 2009

Come to the Big Blue Bucket Eco-Fair to Learn How to Irrigate Your Garden With Captured Rainwater!

Okay, you’ve taken the plunge and purchased (or built) a rain barrel or cistern system for your garden. Congratulations! You are now officially a rainwater harvesting enthusiast! (Isn’t it fun?)

After this past weekend’s surprise rain showers you should have plenty of rainwater stored in your system. Now it’s time to think about efficient ways to get your water out of storage and into your garden.

Lucky you! On Saturday, September 26, at the SFPUC’s second annual Big Blue Bucket Eco-Fair, irrigation experts will be on-hand to discuss and answer questions about drip irrigation, low pressure valves, booster pump systems and other topics of interest to rainwater harvesting, well… nerds.

When you get to the fair, sign up for one of four rainwater harvesting workshops offered throughout the day. You’ll learn about rainwater harvesting. You’ll learn about rainwater irrigation. You’ll be happy.

For more information on the Big Blue Bucket Eco-Fair, please visit Check out our rainwater harvesting web site:

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