October 19, 2009

SIR Follows the Flow

So what does one do when retired? For members of the Northern California Chapter of Sons in Retirement (SIR) http://sirinc.org/ retirement is an opportunity to come together to take pleasure in a good meal, enjoy good company, and tour interesting and new places. And just what is interesting and new? For members of SIR, interesting and new meant touring the SFPUC Oceanside Wastewater Treatment Plant on Saturday, October 17. SIR members enjoyed a beautiful balmy day while touring the SFPUC Oceanside Wastewater Treatment Plant located on the Great Highway.
SIR members listened intently to the water conservation, water pollution prevention and wastewater treatment process discussion that helped them to understand just what it takes to get San Francisco’s wastewater stream clean enough to discharge into the Pacific Ocean. In addition, they were able to listen to one of the SFPUC Biologist, Laura Targgart tell them just how the biology department gives the wastewater treatment plant a report card on just how well they are doing in protecting the water environment that surrounds San Francisco. Many commented that after seeing what happens after it goes down the drain, gave them a new perspective on the fees they pay, and just where that money goes.

Want to “Follow-the-Flow” to find out more about wastewater treatment and just what does happen when it goes down the drain; join us for one of the regularly scheduled Saturday tours of the SFPUC Wastewater Treatment Plant. For more information visit http://sfwater.org/tour or call 415-695-7341.

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