October 21, 2010

Rains are on the way!

Have you checked on the catch basin (storm drain) in your neighborhood? Are they covered with leaves or trash? Now is the time to clear those up. Why? Leaves and debris can clog our catch basins - entryway to our combined sewer system - and may cause street flooding.

See a catch basin covered with leaves vs. a clean one:

You can do your part by raking away the leaves and put them in your green (compost) bin. Anything else in the black (garbage) bins. Make sure you wear gloves for this chore.

Too much stuff or too difficult to clean? Call San Francisco's 3-1-1 and they will immediately contact SFPUC's Sewer Operations Crews to clean. Don't attempt to remove debris below surface!

Want to learn more why it is so important to keep the catch basins clean and our sewers flowing? Visit our website at sfsewers.org.

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