October 5, 2010

A rather unusual bike tour: visiting San Francisco’s sewers!

On Saturday, September 25, close to 40 hearty cyclists embarked on a bike tour of a small segment of San Francisco’s infamous sewer system.

The cyclists (aka ‘sewer-bike enthusiasts’ including SFPUC staff) began their journey at 17th and Folsom and rode along the historic alignment of Mission Creek as it would have flowed in the 1800s.

The creek’s winding route coursed westerly along what is now Division Street, turned southwesterly, crossing Alabama and Harrison Streets, and then proceeded south between Harrison Street and Treat Avenue to Eighteenth Street. The original mouth of the creek, which would have been the estuary of Mission Creek, is west of 7th Street. The current layout of many streets south of and parallel to Market Street are curved because of the original footprints of Mission Bay and Mission Creek. Read more about the tour at streetblog.

Does this pique your interest? You can definitely learn more about our sewer system at sfsewers.org and the SFPUC’s stormwater management program, including urban watershed management, at http://stormwater.sfwater.org. Who knows? There might be another ‘sewer bike tour’ and you can find about that right here if and when that’s the case!

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